Emblem Officers 2015-2016
Officers - President: Dawn Pedersen Jr. Past President: Patricia Anderson 1st Vice President: Gloria Hagen 2nd Vice President: Ruby Scott
Financial Secretary: Alice Wilson Treasurer: Sandra Jagow Recording Secretary: Donna Terrell Press Correspondent: Marie Sparks
Historian: Esther Harter 1st Trustee Gwen Love 2nd Trustee: Barbro Freitas 3rd Trustee: Gina Gorman 4th Trustee: Xochi Cleminson
5th Trustee: Billie Burton 1st Assistant Marshal Brandy Strauch 2nd Assistant Marshal: Cheryl Gooden Chaplain: Shirle Cornell 1st Guard Dianna Kilbat 2nd Guard: Vel Foster Organist Jeannie Harter

Appointed Officers- Corresponding Secretary: Mickie Jakez Marshal: Carol Harter

The Redding Emblem Club #515
Business Meeting is the Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
Redding Elks Lodge, 250 Elk Drive. Redding, CA 96003
Our Club has no meetings in July or August,
although there are still Emblem activities during those months.
Mailing Address:
Redding Emblem Club #515
PO Box 493734,
Redding, CA 96049-3734.
Our Emblem Club is also recognized as the Auxiliary to the Redding Elks Lodge #1073.
Membership Applications
If you have an interest in joining the Emblem Club and would like an application or have any questions, please contact:
Membership Chairman, Gloria Hagen
(530) 241-2816
After your application and dues are submitted, the application will be reviewed and brought before the membership for a vote at the next business meeting.
An applicant is allowed to attend one of the business meetings before joining to observe the meeting and to meet some of the members. If you would like to attend one of the meetings just let the Membership Chairman know.
History of Emblem
A small group of Elk’s ladies began meeting together in 1917 to wrap bandages for World War I. They enjoyed the sociability, and at the same time felt the joy of accomplishment. The combination of assisting others and enjoying good fellowship appealed to other women, and a community group came together.
Fifteen members of a group of ladies in Providence, Rhode Island, related to members of the Benevolent and Protective order of Elks, who were active under the name of Emblem Club, developed the idea of a national organization of such groups. the organization was chartered in the State of Rhode island as the Supreme Emblem Club of the United States of America by Ester A. Sweeney, Mary T. Duffy, Alice Farrell, Mary L. Clark, and Charlotte O’Conner of the "original fifteen" on April 27, 1926, and filed in the office of the Secretary of State of Rhode Island on May 3, 1926.
Nine Emblem Clubs were organized during the first year in the New England States in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. This number has steadily increased and now, in more than seventy years of formal existence, Emblem Clubs are located in every section of this country, including Alaska and Hawaii. With this organization continuously progressing, the future of Emblem is even more promising.
The Emblem Club attracts individuals of many diverse talents, abilities, and ages, all of whom combine to make Emblem a very special organization. In Emblem there is an important place for each member.
 . . . signifies the Flag of the United States of America, which is preserved and cherished as a priceless possession,
dedicated to charitable acts in the community, the states, and the nation. Dedicated to Unite all Emblem Clubs in closer bond while furthering good fellowship among the members. Dedicated to promote and protect the interests of clubs and to bear true allegiance to the constitution and flag of the United States of America.
The Emblem Club Motto:
TRUTH, JUSTICE and CHARITY is the guide in all club work.
EMBLEM Insignia
The insignia of the organization, an Elk's head surrounded by a wreath, is used on pins, stationery, publications and banners. This insignia shows that our members are related to or sponsored by members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elk's of the United States of America, and cooperates in their endeavors, when invited to do so.
Adopted Colors
The adopted colors are Purple and Gold.
PURPLE: The color of royalty, denotes the highest standards and principles and is used by the Elks with whom our relationship or sponsorship establishes eligibility for membership in the Emblem Club.
GOLD: This color is used to signify quality or great value and symbolizes the rich blessings and material means, which we Share with those less fortunate than ourselves.
The Ritual for Emblem Clubs was written by officers of the Grand Lodge of Elks, and was adopted in the early years. The Ritual includes a nondenominational prayer, and a salute to the Flag of the United States of America.
Formation of an Affiliated Emblem Club
All Emblem Clubs, called Affiliated Emblem Clubs, are formed under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Emblem Club and by its officials when possible. At lease 20 members are necessary to form an Emblem Club, and all those eligible in the community should be notified and given an opportunity to participate in the formation and membership. When interest is found, an Emblem Club member will meet with the interested group to give information, explain the purpose and details, and assist with organizing.
Visit by the Supreme President
A visit by the Supreme President in any Emblem Club is the highest honor that can occur in the organization. Each Club is to be visited by the Supreme President at least once every five years as provided by a Tract Listing. An active, progressive Club will seek this honor as often as possible.


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